The Health Care You Need

In-Patient Subacute Rehab

Comprehensive Healthcare’s professional rehabilitation team works diligently to help patients in need of complex medical care and/or rehabilitation in a non-acute setting. The goal of post acute care is for you to regain your previous capabilities and return to life in the community.

Focus is placed on an interdisciplinary team approach that promotes recovery from:

Outpatient Therapy

If you are able to remain at home, Comprehensive has the finest rehab professionals to provide rehabilitation services on an outpatient basis. Outpatient rehab offers the benefit of Physical, Occupational and Speech therapy onsite. Comprehensive’s outpatient program ensures continuity of care with the same therapeutic team once you are ready to discharge home.

Our focus on patient care helps us identify your goals and develop an individualized support plan to coordinate every aspect of recovery. Our advanced modalities program features an array of treatments including electrical stimulation, ultrasound, vital stimulation and diathermy.

Vital Healthcare Services

As our name implies, we believe in providing our patients and residents with a comprehensive array of vital healthcare services. You can rest assured knowing that at Comprehensive Healthcare of Clearwater, you will benefit from the following as appropriate:

Orthopedic Rehab

At Comprehensive Healthcare of Clearwater, our fully trained and devoted rehabilitation therapists exert tremendous effort to help each patient overcome their particular physical difficulties and regain their previous level of independent mobility.

Our team will work patiently with you on such aspects of daily living as:
In keeping with our fundamental commitment to offer “comprehensive” treatment, we offer our patients:

Stroke Therapy

Recovering from a stroke is a very delicate process. Our stroke recovery care provides treatment to help you return to meaningful roles in life by relearning skills for everyday living. We help you achieve the maximum amount of mobility possible. The rehab experts treat such issues as:

Cardiac Recovery

After you have received rehabilitation therapy in the wake of a serious heart incident, you want to be sure you will have the tools to maintain your heart’s renewed health. At Comprehensive, you will benefit from Nutritional Guidance, as well as Training on Managing Cardiac Risk Factors.

Stroke Therapy

Our rehab team is well aware of the seriously disabling effects of a stroke.

These experts provide stroke patients with therapeutic services encompassing a wide range of afflictions including:

Skilled Nursing

Comprehensive Healthcare’s skilled nursing staff provides professionalism and total devotion to each patient’s needs. The staff features: Round the- Clock Nursing Care, 7 Days a Week / RN Supervisors / Certified Nursing Assistants.

These well-trained and highly knowledgeable health care experts are quite adept at providing:
Our nurses know when it is necessary to bring in a high-ranking medical professional to assist on a more complex case. We therefore have:

Wound Healing

The staff at Comprehensive Healthcare provides care for patients who suffer acutely from serious wounds that arise from major accidents or illnesses.

Accordingly, we provide highly skilled treatment for a full array of wounds.

Our treatment services include:
We always apply the most appropriate form of treatment for each specific type of wound. These wounds encompass:
To ensure that our patients are getting the most up-to-date wound treatments, we provide Wound Care In-Service Education to all of our nursing staff.